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Solar Thermal Hot Water System

Think solar power is just for fairy lights?  Think again.  Every day the sun is shining, all that infra-red energy could be heating your hot water with a solar thermal hot water system.  Clever, right?

At M Brӧer Heating we want to help reduce people’s dependence on fossil fuels and show them there’s a more planet-friendly alternative to heating your hot water.  And it’s not just the planet that benefits when it comes to solar thermal heating - solar energy is free, after all!

What are the advantages of solar thermal hot water systems?

Infra-red energy from sunshine can be used to heat your hot water.  Even on overcast days, your solar thermal system will pre-heat your cylinder so your boiler doesn’t have to work as hard, meaning massive savings on your energy bills.

How do solar thermal panels work?

Fancy joining the thousands of UK homes who already take advantage of the sun’s free, renewable energy as a low-cost way to heat their water?  Take a look at how the process works, and decide if you think solar thermal panels might be the right choice for you:

  1. We fit solar thermal panels onto your roof. Inside these panels are little tubes of fluid which absorb sunlight.
  2. This heated fluid then passes through a coil to heat the water stored in your hot water cylinder.
  3. A controller operates the pump to transfer the heat from the panels to the cylinder.
  4. Cold water is sent back up to the thermal panels to absorb more sunlight.
solar thermal hot water system

How much does it cost to install solar thermal panels?

For a simple two-panel installation on a south facing roof the estimated cost is £2600.

How much does it cost to run solar thermal panels?

Solar thermal panels only need a very small amount of power to run the low energy pump and controller, so running costs are minimal.

Would a solar thermal hot water system replace my existing boiler or immersion heater?

You’ll still need a boiler or immersion heater as a backup hot water supply.  So if your solar energy supply runs out, your boiler will automatically kick in to top up your hot water.

Solar thermal panels just need daylight in order to generate energy, so they can create solar thermal energy even on overcast or cold days.  This means the amount of energy you’ll need to use from your energy supplier will be dramatically lower, so you’ll not only save money but also reduce your carbon footprint.

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